Best travel trailers for senior couples

Best travel trailers for senior couples

Travel trailers are a great way for seniors to see the country after they’ve retired. These days it’s easy to find comfortable campers for seniors, such is the high-spec and space many offer – and at a price many retired couples can afford.

Certainly, trailers are less taxing to drive around than a motorhome for seniors. That’s because most of them are lightweight, so easier to manoeuvre. Probably the best part of using a travel trailer as opposed to an RV though, is that you can leave the trailer in the campsite and go exploring in your vehicle unencumbered.

The type of motorhome for seniors you choose will depend on how much space you want (including storage) and the size of your current vehicle. A mid-size SUV, for instance, won’t be able to take a trailer weighing more than 6,000-pounds for the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR).

You’ll also want to consider how long you plan on going on the road. If it’s months on end then you’ll obviously be after comfort and plenty of storage. If it’s just a week here and there then a smaller trailer will probably do. In this article we highlight some of what we consider to be the best rv for retired couples. Hopefully you’ll find something perfect for you.

Best RV for seniors

The best motorhomes for retired couples range of suppliers and vary between large and luxurious, to small and compact:

Jayco Jay Flight

A ‘smart’ trailer, the Jayco Jay Flight range comes with the JAYCOMMAND technology to make life easier for seniors. The temperature of the trailer, slide-out tables and other appliances, and even the holding tank levels, can all be controlled remotely.

Another reason this is a good travel trailer for retired couples is the steps, which are easy to use, together with a wider than normal door. The extra entrance space makes it easier to bring in groceries, suitcases and other large objects without any problems with balance etc.

There are 12 different floorplans to choose from but the larger versions have a queen-sized or king-sized bed with plenty of space to walk around either side, making them one of the best motorhomes for retired couples who plan on travelling for months on end. There’s also a full-sized kitchen, complete with center island, making it easy for food prep and meals. In the living room there’s an electric fireplace for the colder nights, providing plenty of cosy home comforts.

More house than trailer, the Jayco Jay Flight is large, so heavy to tow, requiring a full-size SUV. But, it’s well put-together and ‘homey’ which many senior rvers reckon makes up for the weight.

Winnebago – Minnie 2202RBS

A trailer which has the space for full time retiral living on the road, the Winnebago Minnie 2202RBS has enough space for couples to move around in freely. There’s room at either side of the queen-sized bed and crucially, plenty of storage space in the form of his and her wardrobes in the master bedroom. Extra-large windows also let in plenty of light to make the bedroom feel even roomier. This could certainly be regarded as a best rv for retired couples.

TV dinners are easy, thanks to a pull-out table in the main lounge area but there’s also a dining area. The sofa can be turned into beds should the grandkids want to come along on a trip too.

The kitchen comes with all mod-cons and being a U-shape, it’s also roomy enough to accommodate two people easily, making it one of the best motorhomes for retired couples. The walk-in pantry allows plenty of food storage when travelling for days on end.

When it comes to considering campers for seniors, this is a large trailer, weighting in at around 8,800-pounds. The hitch weight is 580-pounds so you’ll need a full-size SUV to tow it with ease.

Keystone – Cougar Half-Ton 22MLS

Another large trailer, full of mod-cons, the Keystone Cougar Half-Ton 22MLS, is another home-from-home that retired couples can sit back and luxuriate in.

Considered a best rv for retired couples, there’s plenty of space in the bedroom, despite a king-sized bed. This is due in part to the excellent overhead storage facilities, in addition to his and her wardrobes either side. A large black out curtain to separate the bedroom from the rest of the trailer means one person can go to bed early and sleep without being disturbed by the other sitting up watching TV.

The contemporary open-plan living room adds to the roomy feeling inside the front and center of the trailer. A clever and incredibly practical touch in this Keystone Cougar is the shoe cubby beside the door. This helps keep the van clean of dirt and makes sure no big hiking boots lying around to trip over.

As it is name suggests, this is a large and heavy trailer to tow. On the surface you’d think that this would not make it one of the best motorhomes for retired couples. But, the manufacturers have thought about this. To the extent they have included a power tongue jack to make cranking it up and down easier. This puts it into the category of being a good travel trailer for seniors.

And talking of towing, there’s an additional hitch on the back of the trailer, meaning you can take a boat or even another storage trailer with you.

Coachmen Northern Spirit

Definitely one of the more pet-friendly trailers around today, the Coachmen Northern Spirit comes with an exterior dog wash area and clip so he or she doesn’t run off. Inside there’s space for the dog to sit, a pull-out drawer for feeding bowls, and a pet sleeping area.

But on to humans… for those who enjoy all things tech, there’s plenty of wireless charging stations and a solar prep area for when camping means going off-grid.

In terms of storage, there’s under-bed provision, secret drawers and cupboards with security in which to hide cash and other valuables on-board. This definitely puts the Coachmen Northern Spirit up there as one of the best motorhomes for retired couples. The kitchen also offers lots of cupboard room for dry goods and equipment. One of the more unusual storage facilities is in the entertainment center (in which there’s also a wardrobe). You can enjoy watching TV in comfortable theatre-type seating. And talking of comfort, there’s an extra air conditioning unit in the bedroom.

Safety is a big consideration in the brand’s Northern Spirit range too. Floor lights with sensors mean you won’t bump into anything, or fall, in the middle of the night while the front steps are extra sturdy, thanks to their weight and the addition of stabilizers. Another reason why it’s a good travel trailer for retired couples.

This trailer has 10 floor plans to choose from, stretching from 24 feet all the way up to 40 feet in length.

Scampi 16-foot Deluxe Trailer

Made from fiberglass, this Scampi trailer is lightweight so easy to tow – with any vehicle, in fact. This makes it one of the favourite campers for seniors. The trailer comes with a 2” ball hitch so it’s easy to connect as well.

There’s a choice of two different layouts, mainly concerning where the bathroom and dinette are located. The interior is wood and there are also two options here – oak or birch. Cooking is achieved on a propane two-burner stove. You’ll also find a sink here and a couple of refrigerators, as well as storage space for cutlery. In terms of general storage, there is shelving and space under the seating.

The flooring can be either carpet or vinyl, in other words, there’s plenty of customization involved in this popular classic-design trailer.

One reason is may not be the best motorhome for seniors is the lack of real storage space for those keen to go on the road for months at a time.

  • It is extremely insulating, which keeps the heat in and the cold out.
  • Compact
  • Fashionable
  • So well-built
  • You can personalize
  • Lightweight and easy to tow
  • It’s easy to set it up
  • The best trailer on the market today

Airstream Flying Cloud

Back to luxurious interiors, the Airstream Flying Cloud is aluminium on the outside and all carpet, wood and stainless steel on the inside. It’s a retro look that’s still popular today for a reason.

A quirky and unusual feature of this trailer is the rear hatch opening, so you can bring in the outdoors instantly. Great for a sunny day where you want the breeze, smells and sense of being outdoors, but the shade and comfort from staying inside. There’s eight floorplans to choose from with size ranging from 23 feet all the way up to 30 feet. Storage space is ideal for a mid-long trip, making it a best rv for retired couples who want to go on the road, but not all the time.

The kitchen isn’t huge but it does have a cooker and oven. Technology-wise, there is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (some models have enough room for an office if you still want to work and earn a living while travelling). It’s also possible to add solar to this rig at a later stage for more money-saving ideas, making it the best travel trailer for seniors planning on going on the road full-time.

Other pluses to the Airbus Flying Cloud are blackout curtains, roller blind shades and a retractable awning at the push of a button.

Best small rv for seniors

When it comes to choosing the best rv for retired couples., the Keystone Cougar is our top pick of the trailers. It just has so many nice touches, such as the cubby hole for hiking boots at the door to keep the trailer clean. Then there’s the special pet touches, including the exterior grooming station. Many seniors, you’ll find, travel with a dog for added companionship. Going on the road at retirement is all about fun, after all.