Best RV for a senior woman

Best RV for a senior woman

These days it’s not just couples or men who like to hit the road with their RV. We’ve encountered plenty of lone women too. And it’s prompted us to do some research to find the best travel trailer for single woman.

And, after plenty of hours test driving, we reckon we’ve come up with our answer – or at least three of our top-rated rv for single woman choices. Read on to find out what we’ve selected and why we deem the following as the perfect rv for a senior woman too.

First though, you may be wondering what our criteria was. Well, there were four angles that we looked at in particular. These were:

  • Comfort as well as convenience
  • Safety
  • Ease of use

A big roomy bed and squashy sofas is what we looked for in terms of comfort in our RV. That means quality textiles and upholstery.

Back up cameras, big wing mirrors and no-collision systems were what we looked for when it came to the safety angle.

Electronic controls are what we want for lights, bed conversions and an awning. But we also want a roomy van with power doors if possible and definitely a hand rail for the steps to help with balance.

Best rv for a senior single woman

Winnebago Travato

1st option of RV for a senior sibgle woman - Winnebago Travato

The best-selling camper van of all time in the States, the Winnebago Travato is a class B trailer. That means it’s smaller than a Class C in terms of space inside but when you’re travelling solo, you don’t need a lot of room. And anyway, there’s compensation in the fact it’s easier and more fun to drive. You can also park it in a regular spot, thanks to it is smaller size. This is why we’ve put the Winnebago Travato as one of three on our voting list of best camper for a single woman.

There’s a corner bed which for one person is pretty roomy. It’s easy to get out of too – which is a plus for seniors who may be a little stiff in the mornings. And, if you have a guest staying over, the Winnebago Travato includes a blow-up bed with cab seats for support.

There’s a wet bath included and a fully-fitted kitchen for making full meals every evening. This RV may be smaller than a Class C, but for a Class B there’s still plenty of space to enjoy sitting around in.

Extras include a retractable awning, bike rack in the back and slide-out tables. The removable marble sink cover works well as a cutting board. The 12-volt fridge is big enough for the solo traveller to store several days food and essentials in.

Renegade Valencia 38BB (2023)

2nd option of RV for a senior sibgle woman - Renegade Valencia 38BB (2023)

If you’re a senior woman travelling alone who plans to spend months on end travelling in your RV, then why go small? Many solo females also opt for a Class C RV. That way they can invite friends over to stay without feeling cramped. For a case in point take the 38-foot-long Renegade Valencia.

Yes, at around $330,000 it’s expensive, but there’s a reason for the high price tag. This RV is packed with luxury features and high-quality materials. Take the king-sized bed, bunk beds and full-length wardrobe, for starters. There’s 2-inch vacuum bond laminated sidewalls so there’s no way you’re not going to get a great sleep. Even the 8KW Onan diesel generator quietly purrs rather than rumbles.

There’s also a super-soft sofa which converts into a queen-size bed. The kitchen has a deep stonecast sink, the shower boasts a skylight and sits alongside a beautiful hardwood vanity. This is a showcase RV.

And if that wasn’t persuasive enough, it’s good to know that Class C RVs hold their value longer than other vans – so look at your purchase as an investment.

Winnebago Roam

3rd option of RV for a senior sibgle woman - Winnebago Roam

Solo female campers with mobility difficulties will love the Winnebago Roam. That’s because it comes with a fitted remote-controlled Braun Ability under-vehicle wheelchair lift. This means that even if you are a 70 year old woman, this rv isn’t going to cause you any problems – quite the opposite, in fact.

The van’s interior has also been well thought-out to the extent you can secure your wheelchair while driving, there are lowered countertops and the fold-up dinette table is high enough for a wheelchair to sit under. The front seats also swivel for an easy exchange from the wheelchair.

The rear seating in the van turns into a bed at night at the press of an (accessible height) button. It can sleep two people and there’s the option of a pop-top to sleep a further two grandchildren (another reason why it’s a perfect rv for a senior woman). Before bed though there’s a built-in TV to chill in front of after a long day exploring.

In terms of toilet facilities, there’s a wet bath, shower and a cassette toilet with grab handles – so no need to exit for communal restroom facilities.

Being just under 20 feet, this RV is easy to drive and park.