Best camper steps for elderly

Best camper steps for elderly RVers

Most RVs these days come with steps – factory-issued steps, that is. That’s all very well if you’re a standard size and have good mobility. But that’s not always the case if you’re elderly. As we age we can develop joint problems, causing stiffness and even an inability to lift our legs a certain height. There can often be difficulties with balance too.

As such, many elderly campers find the steps issued with their RV campers just don’t cut it for them. They end up having to swap them for more ‘senior-friendly’ versions. And that’s why we have compiled a list of what we reckon are the 10 best rv steps around today. In many cases, rv steps with platform additions can also be found.

First though, before you go looking for rv steps for elderly travellers, or a ramp for travel trailer use, it is important to get the measurements correct. Otherwise you’re just going to have to send your new steps back when you discover they don’t fit properly.

Measuring for new RV steps

Take out a tape measure and record the width of your current steps. Next, measure the rise ie the height between each of the steps. Now you need to get the height and diameter. Do this by measuring from a corner of the top step down to the opposite corner on the bottom step. Finally, measure the distance between the ground and the entrance to your RV door. 

Aspects to consider in an RV step

There are four things you really need to consider when buying camper steps for elderly RVers. For instance, stability. This is important if you’re elderly due to the reasons we mentioned at the start of this article ie balance and stiffness. For this reason, it’s a good idea to look at steps which have adjustable legs and if an rv entry ramp can be attached if required at a later stage.

You’ll also want to look at the weight bearing aspects of the steps since many of us put on weight on we age. There’s also the possibility that you or a fellow traveller may need to be assisted into the van. So, make sure the steps for a motorhome can hold two people at the one time. We reckon that means they would have to be able to withstand a weight of at least 300 lbs.

Handicap steps for rv travellers or the elderly that have black powder-coated finishes tend to last longer since they are better able to withstand wet and stormy weather.

And, finally, for many of us it all comes down to what we can afford in the end. For peace of mind though, it’s best to go for the best quality camper steps for elderly RVers you can afford.

So, whether you’re looking for manual steps or automatic steps for your RV then read on to find out our choice of the best rv steps for seniors. First though the distinction between the two different types of steps is that manual steps resemble a small ladder with hinges. These can be removed at will, but they can also be welded or bolted on to the RV. Automatic steps are electrical and can be operated by the push of a button, either that or they go into action whenever the door is opened. It’s worth mentioning too that in many cases an RV ramp for elderly travellers is also available to attach to the steps.

Ollieroo Portable Step Stool

Measuring 15″ by 10.2”, the Ollieroo Portable Step Stool is small, but sturdy. Its size means it’s easy to fold up and store tidily inside your RV. In fact, it measures only 1.8 inches when not in use and can easily fit inside a large drawer.

The robustness of the steel construction allows the step stool to hold up to 330 lbs of weight. Despite this the stool itself weights only 4 lbs, making these excellent rv steps for elderly travellers. Some RV users tie cord to the hidden handle so they can pull the step up into the van once they’re inside. The legs are easy to open and close, so that even if you have arthritic fingers it should prove very manageable.

The non-slip rubber platform adds safety during use, while the short, thick legs – which are bevelled – provide stability, even on uneven ground. The legs lock into position when open and closed, giving further confidence of the design’s sturdiness.

Stromberg Carlson SMFP-3100

Measuring 29” in height, with a very manageable low 8” rise, the Stromberg Carlson SMFP-3100 triple steps can be used for most RVs currently on the market. These trailer steps are easy to use, they simply fold up three times with the entire unit folding and in to the holder. They can then be locked to ensure they stay in place during travel. Because they are manually operated there’s no need to worry about any electrics failing. Simply bolt or weld them onto the van to make a permanent feature.

The Stromberg Carlson SMFP-3100 are 24” wide, providing plenty of stepping room. There’s non-slip rubber on the surface as well as oval treads and a 1” strip of grip tape on the edges for added security for RV users who can be unsteady with their balance. The top step is a little wider than the others, again benefitting elderly users who may be a little unsteady on their feet.

These black powder-coated steel steps can also hold up to 300 lbs in weight so suitable for the majority of campers. Made in the USA so appreciated by patriots.

Mor/Ryde StepAbove 3 Step

Wide trailer steps which allow for the full foot and waterproof, anti-slip treads means the StepAbove RV entry step system both looks and feels secure. Adjustable, quick release, legs allow you to alter the length of the steps, ensuring they are steady on even rough terrain.

These handicap steps for rv campers are easy to install and use. In the case of the latter it’s simply a matter of twisting the handle in the RV to release the steps. While you’re travelling the steps fold neatly and securely inside the vehicle’s door entrance. At nearly 47 lbs, these steps are considered lightweight, yet they can withstand 500 lbs.

Comes with an optional hand rail attachment. Another made in the USA product.

SUPPORT PLUS Platform Step

A step which has been specially designed for those with low leg movement – thanks to the fact it is only 3.5” high, the Support Plus Platform Step is ideal for outdoors. That’s because it has a non-slip step and drainage holes which makes it ideal if the stairs are left out in rain or stormy weather. That way the stairs will dry themselves.

Made from heavy duty plastic and weighing only 2.75 lbs, the steps are easy to lift and move inside the van when not in use. And there’s no need to worry about wobbles since the Support Plus platform step has non-slip coating and 10 rubber feet for added security. The step measures 17.5″ X 14″ X 3.5″. Coloured black and capable of withstanding a weight of up to 400 lbs thanks to reinforced supports, this step is ideal for elderly RVers.

Lippert Alumi-Tread Triple RV Step

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A three-step RV access platform, the manually operated Lippert Alumi-Tread Step has a height of 29″. Produced from lightweight aluminium, weighing just 62 lbs, the steps are easy to lift and to move in and out of your RV. They’re attractive to look at, with a European, modern design and add a stylish touch to campers.

Each step has a textured surface and contains anti-slip grips for added security and traction, even in the wet or muddy conditions. The steps themselves won’t rust while powder coating guarantees their durability. Certainly, they can be left out in all weathers without fear of damage.

These steps for a motorhome come with a mounting bracket for attaching to your RV. The step rise is 9,” width is 24″, they are 16″ tall.

Prime Safety RV Steps

A super-stable system that folds up easily, the Prime Safety RV Step is ideal for older RVers. Measuring 19″ by 14.5″, it is wide and has an adjustable height range of 8” to 9.5” via four individual settings.

With a weight capacity of 600 lbs, this aluminium-constructed step holds more than other, similar products. The non-slip rubber feet make the step sturdy on even the roughest ground, such as gravel or hard-dried mud. At the same time, the non-slip grip on the step itself provides added protection against falling off. This makes them ideal rv steps for elderly travellers.

There are double locking legs which can be folded and easily stored inside the RV when not in use. A carry handle makes moving the steps a breeze, especially when you consider hey weigh just over 8 lbs.

Kwikee Electric Step

The first electric step in our list, the Kwikee Electric Step comes with a control unit for operation. There’s also a power switch kit as part of the installation kit. The electric wiring is sealed to prevent damage from rain or storms. This double stred step solution is built using highly-regarded Lippert components and is 24″ in height, with a rise of 7”.

These steps for rv campers are produced from alloy steel and powder painted black with yellow illuminating strips for ease of access in the dark. The step is attractive to look at and will fit most RVs. The sept weights nearly 27 kg and will support up to 300 lbs, so it’s certainly sturdy and secure.

The elderly or handicap step for rv use is smooth and quiet in its execution. Because it’s electric it works at the press of a button, meaning it’s easy for seniors to use once installed. It can also accommodate a ramp for rv entrance accessibility.

Camco Folding Step Stool

Despite being made of plastic, the Camco folding step stool is attractive to look at, thanks to it is shape and dual black and tan colouring (now also available in silver). Capable of withstanding up to 300 lbs in weight, this is certainly a robust little number. It’s also a reasonably tall 9”. A non-slip surface area of 11.5” x 13” enhances its safety while using.

The stool folds flat so can slip in between cupboards and the narrowest of spaces. The textured surface area is non-slip for additional peace of mind. Weighting just 3 lbs it’s very lightweight, making it easy for elderly campers to use.

HBTower 2 Step Ladder

This fully-assembled portable step solution is ideal for taller RVs. It’s locks and opens easily so can also be used by those with arthritic hands. It’s also easily stored when not in use since it folds to a dimension of just 1.6”. Made of high-quality steel and weighing just 9.24 lbs it’s fairly lightweight too so easy to carry around.

In terms of sturdiness, the HB Tower step ladder can support a weight of up to 500 lbs. The back-cross brace structure adds to the step ladder’s stability and safety on the ground. So too does the wide anti-slip rubber steps themselves. The grip handle has also been designed for added security, thanks to a rubber covering. The feet too are protected in rubber for a firmer hold, making them ideal rv steps for elderly travellers with balance issues.

Jiahe Portable RV Step

Made from aluminium and rubber, the Jiahe Portable RV Step provides easy access to campers. With a height of 11.8” its not too big a step up, while the weight of just 5.8 lbs makes it easy to lift and carry. The step itself can withstand a weight of up to 330 lbs. In terms of size it measures 18.9” x 11.8” x 8.9” when open, with a diameter of just 2.8” when folded (making it small enough to fit behind the driver’s seat).

The surface of the step contains non-slip strips for confidence when using, even when wet. The legs are angled to provide maximum stability. This safety aspect is super enhanced with the rubber feet.

In conclusion

As you can see from the above list, there is quite a choice of camper steps for elderly RVers out there. And that’s just as well since different people have different requirements. Some, for instance, may need a ramp for rv stairs access. Certainly, gone are the days of ‘one size step fits all.’

Of course, the steps for rv campers and rv entry ramp that will benefit you is the system that fits your van best, has the right step height and is light enough for you to carry (if pulling in and out). Sturdiness is important too, especially if you or your fellow traveller have issues with balance.